M3202S: 380kHz, 2A Asynchronous DC-DC Buck Converter

M3202S: 380kHz, 2A Asynchronous DC-DC Buck Converter

M3202S: 380kHz, 2A Asynchronous DC-DC Buck Converter

Số Lượng: 300

Giá lẻ: 24.000 đ

M3202S: 380kHz, 2A Asynchronous DC-DC Buck Converter


The M3202S is a 380kHz fixed frequency, current mode, PWM buck (step-down) DC-DC converter, capable of driving a 2A load with high efficiency, excellent line and load regulation. The device integrates N-channel power MOSFET switch with low on-resistance. Current mode control provides fast transient response and cycle-by-cycle current limit.

A standard series of inductors are available from several different manufacturers optimized for use with the AP3202. This feature greatly simplifies the design of switch-mode power supplies.

This IC is available in SOIC-8 package. 

• Input Voltage Range: 4.75V to 18V
• Fixed 380kHz Frequency
• High Efficiency: up to 93%
• Output Current: 2A
• Current Mode Control
• Built-in Over Current Protection
• Built-in Thermal Shutdown Function
• Built-in UVLO Function
• Built-in Over Voltage Protection
• Built-in Soft-start 

• Set Top Box
• Portable DVD
• Digital Photo Frame 


M3202S soic-8 pinout

M3202S Pinout
Pin Number Pin Name Function
1 BS Bootstrap pin. A bootstrap capacitor is connected between the BS pin and SW pin. The voltage across the bootstrap capacitor drives the internal high-side power MOSFET
2 IN Supply input pin. A capacitor should be connected between the IN pin and GND pin to keep the input voltage constant
3 SW Power switch output pin. This pin is connected to the inductor and bootstrap capacitor
4 GND Ground pin
5 FB Feedback pin. This pin is connected to an external resistor divider to program the system output voltage. When the FB pin voltage exceeds 20% of the nominal regulation value of 1.222V, the over voltage protection is triggered. When the FB pin voltage is below 0.6V, the oscillator frequency is lowered to realize short circuit protection
6 COMP Compensation pin. This pin is the output of the transconductance error amplifier and the input to the current comparator. It is used to compensate the control loop. Connect a series RC network from this pin to GND. In some cases, an additional capacitor from this pin to GND pin is required
7 EN Control input pin. Forcing this pin above 1.5V or set this pin floating enables the IC. Forcing this pin below 0.5V shuts down the IC. When the IC is in shutdown mode, all functions are disabled to decrease the supply current below 1µA
8 NC No Connection

m3202s graphics card controller


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