TOP2013 - máy nạp chương trình đa năng

TOP2013 - máy nạp chương trình đa năng

TOP2013 - máy nạp chương trình đa năng

Số Lượng: 0

Giá lẻ: 2.190.000 đ

TOP2013 là máy nạp đa năng có thể nạp hầu hết các loại chip hiện nay, như ROM, Flash, EEPROM, MCU, Serial EEPROM... công cụ không thể thiếu cho người lảm điện tử.

TOP2013 - máy nạp chương trình đa năng

TOP2013 - máy nạp chương trình đa năng


Download phần mềm nạp và hướng dẫn tại đây: []-Topall v8.37 - Top 2011, 2013, 3000, 3100 programmer


The TOP2013 programmer is small in size and low in power consumption. It is a general-purpose model designed for developing microcontrollers and programming various types of memories. It adopts USB universal serial port to communicate with PC, supports xp/win10/7/8 (32 bit/64 bit), and the software upgrade is flexible. Small size, no external power supply required.

TOP2013 type programmer compared with the previous generation: low power consumption; VPP protection; fault self-test; eliminate computer restart.

First, the characteristics: 

· Supports devices from 2.5 to 6.5V; 

· Can use USB interface power supply or external 5V power supply; 

·Connected to the PC through the USB universal serial port, the transfer rate is 12MHz/s; 

· It is suitable for battery-powered laptops and is also suitable for desktop use; 

Current protection to protect the programmer and device from damage; 

· USB load capacity detection (0 to 10 levels); 

· Full pin check, you can check the contact status of any one pin; 

· 40-pin locking socket;  

·Plastic casing, small size, light weight and low power consumption; 

·Automatic detection of manufacturers and models; 

·Microcontroller timing, programming speed has nothing to do with the computer; 

Second, performance and specifications: 

1. Software: TopWin8
2. Volume: 115 x 90 x 27
3. Weight: 175g
4. Power: < 2.5w (5v/500mA) 

5. Locking seat: 40 Pin imported high quality socket (replaceable) 

Supported Devices list:
2716-12.7V, 2716-21V, 2716-25V, 2732-12.7V, 2732-21V, 2732-25V, 2764-12.7V, 27C64-12.7V,
2764-21V, 27128-12.7V, 27C128 -12.7V, 27128-21V, 27C128-21V, 27256-12.7V,
27C256-12.7V, 27512-12.7V, 27C512-12.7V, 27513-12.7V, 27C513-12.7V, 27C010-12.7V, 27C020-12.7 V,
27C040-12.7V, 27C080-12.7V, 27C801-12.7V,
Am2716-12.7V, Am2716-21V, Am2716-25V, Am2732-12.7V, Am2732-21V, Am2732-25V, Am2764-21V,
Am2764A-12.5V, Am27C64-12.5V, Am27128-21V, Am27128A-12.5V, Am27C128-12.7V, Am27256HV-21V,
Am27C256-12.75V, Am27C256P-12.75V, Am27H256-12.75V, Am27512-12.75V, Am27512/ L-12.75V,
Am27C010-12.75V, Am27H010-12.75V, Am27HB010-12.75V, Am27C020-12.75V, Am27C040-12.75V,
AT2716-12.7V, AT2716-21V, AT2716-25V, AT2732-12.7V, AT2732-21V, AT2732-25V, AT27HC64-12.7V,
AT27HC64L-12.7V, AT27C128-12.7V, AT27C256-12.7V, AT27HC256-12.7V , AT27/HC256-12.7V,
AT27C512-12.7V, AT27C512R-12.7V, AT27C513-12.7V, AT27C513R-12.7V, AT27C010/L-12.7V,
AT27C011-12.7V, AT27C040-12.7V, AT27C080-12.7V,
CAT2764A-12.7V, CAT27128A-12.7V, CAT27C128-12.7V, CAT27C256-12.7V, CAT27512-12.7V,
MBM2716-12.7V, MBM2716-21V, MBM2716-25V, MBM2732 -12.7V, MBM2732-21V, MBM2732-25V,
MBM2764-21V, MBM27C64-21V, MBM27128-21V, MBM27C128-21V, MBM27256-12.7V, MBM27C256A-12.7V,
MBM27C512-12.7V, MBM27C1000-12.7V, MBM27C1001- 12.7V, MBM27C4001-12.7V, MBM27C080-12.7V,
2716-12.7V, 2716-21V, 2716-25V, 2732-12.7V, 2732-21V, 2732-25V, 2764-21V, 27C64-21V,
2764A-12.7V, 12.7V-27C6A, 27128-21V , 12.7V-27128A, 27C128-12.7V, 27256, 27C256, 27256HV-21V,
27512, 27C512, 27512HV-21V, 27513, 27C513, 27010, 27C010, 27011, 27C011, 27101, 27C101,
27C020, 27C040, 27C080,
HN27C64-21V, HN27128AG-12.7V, 21V-HN27128P, HN27 / C256, HN27 / C512, HN27C101, HN27C301,
____ an EPROM ST-
27128, 27C128, 27256, 27C256, 27512, 27C512, 27C1000, 27C1001, 27C405, 27C4001, 27C801,
____ an EPROM-the HYUNDAI
27C64-12.7V, 27C128-12.7V, 27C256-12.7V, 27C512, 27C010, 27C020,
____ the ICT an EPROM-
27CX256, 27CX128, 27CX256, 27CX512, 27CX010, 27CX020,
i2716-12.7V, i2716-21V, i2716-25V, i2732-12.7V, i2732-21V, i2732-25V, i2764-21V,
i27C64-12.7V, i2764A-12.7V, i87C64-12.7V, i27128-21V, i27A128 -12.7V, i27C128-12.7V,
i27C256-12.7V, i87C256-12.7V, i27C512, i27C010, i27010, i27010A, i27020, i27C040,
27C256, 27C128, 27C256, 27C512, 27C010, 27C020,
27C64-12.7V, 27C128-12.7V, 27HC256, 27C512, 27513, 27C513, 27C010, 27C020,
M5L2764-21V, M5L27C128-12.7V, M5M27128 / K-21V, 12.7V-M5M27K, M5MC256-12.7V , M5M27C512,
M5M27K512, M5M27C100, M5M27C101, M5M27C201, M5M27C401,
____ an EPROM-MXIC
MX2716-12.7V, MX2716-21V, MX2716-25V, MX2732-12.7V, MX2732-21V, MX2732-25V, MX27C256-12.7V,
MX27C512-12.7V, MX27C1000-12.7V,
D2716-12.7V, D2716-21V, D2716-25V, D2732-12.7V, D2732-21V, D2732-25V, D2764-21V,
D27C64-12.7V, D27128- 21V, D27 / C256-21V, D27C256A-12.7V, D27C512, D27C1000, D27C1000A,
D27C1001, D27C1001A, D27C2001, D27C4001,
____ the NS an EPROM-
NM2716-12.7V, NM2716-21V, NM2716-25V, NM2732-12.7V, NM2732- 21V, NM2732-25V, NM27LC64-12.7V,
NM27C256-12.7V, NM27LC256-12.7V, NMC87C257-12.7V, NM27LC512, NM27LV512, NM27P512,
NMC27C64, NM27C128/B-12.7V, NMC27C128/B-12.7V, NMC27CP128- 12.7V, NMC27C256-12.7V,
NMC27C256B-12.7V, NM27C512, NMC27C512, NMC27C512A, NMC27C010, NMC27C020,
____ an EPROM-OKI
MSM2716-12.7V, MSM2716-21V, MSM2716-25V, MSM2732-12.7V, MSM2732-21V, MSM2732- 25V,
MSM2764A-12.7V, MSM2764AS-21V, MSM27128A-12.7V, MSM27128AS-21V, MSM27256AS-12.7V,
MSM27512AS, MSM271000,
27C64-21V, 27C256-12.7V,
DQ2764-21V , DQ27128-21V, DQ27C256-12.7V,
M27128A-12.7V, M27256, M27CC512, M27C1000, M27C1001, M27C2001, M27C4001,
27C64A, 27C128, 27C512,
____ an EPROM-SMOS
27C64H, 27128H, 27C256H,
CXK27C256, CXK27C512,
TMS2564-25V, TMS2764-21V, TMS27C64-12.7V, TMS27PC64-12.7V, TMS27128-21V, TMS27C128-12.7V,
TMS27CP128-12.7V, TMS27C256, TMS27PC256, TMS87257, TMS27C512, TMS27CP512, TMS27C010,
TMS27PC010, TMS27C020, TMS27PC020, TMS27C040, TMS27PC040,
____ the TOSHIBA an EPROM-
TMM2716-25V, TMM2732-21V, TMM2764-21V, TMM2764A-12.7V, TMM27128-21V , TMM27128A, TMM27256A,
TMM27256AD, TMM27512, TC541000, TC541001, TC571000, TC571001, TC532000, TC572000,
TC534000, TC574000,
____ of VLSI an EPROM-
VT2716-25V, VT2732-21V, VT27C64, VT27C128, VT27C256, VT27C512,
____ WSI of an EPROM-
WS2716-25V , WS2732-21V, WS27C512F, WS27C64F, WS57C64F, WS27C128F, WS57C128F, WS57C128FB,
WS27C256F, WS27C256L, WS57C256F, WS57C256FB, WS27C512L, WS27C010F, WS27C010L, WS57C65,
WS57C257, WS57C51C, WS57C71C,
AM29C257, AM28F256, AM28F512, AM28F010 / A, AM28F020 / A, AM29F256, AM29F512, Am29F010,
AM29F010B, AM29F020, AM29F020B, AM29F040, AM29F040B, AM29LV010B, AM29LV020B, AM29LV040B,
AM29F001B, AM29F001BB, AM29F001T, AM29F001BT, AM29F002B, AM29F002BB, AM29F002T, AM29F002BT,
AM29F002NB, AM29F002NT, AM29LV001B, AM29LV001T, AM29LV001BB, AM29LV001BT, AM29LV002B,
AM29LV002BB, AM29LV002T, AM29LV002BT,
____ the EEPROM-AMIC
A29512, A29010, A29020, A29040, A29L010, A29L020, A29L040, A29001, A290011, A29002,
A290021, A49LF020, A49LF040 ,
____ the EEPROM the ASD-
AE29F1008, AE29F2008, AE29F4008, AE49F1008, AE49F2008,
MX28F1000, MX28F2000, MX29F010, MX29F020, MX29F040, MX29F001T / B, MX29F002T / B, MX29F004T / B,
AT2816, AT2816A, AT28C16, AT2817A, AT28C17, AT2864A, AT28C64, AT28HC64, AT28C64X,
AT28C64L, AT28PC64, AT28C64B, AT28HC64B, AT28LV64B, the AT28C256, AT28C257, AT28C512,
AT28C010, AT28C020, AT28C040, AT28C040A, AT28F256, AT28F257, AT28F512 , AT28F010,
AT28F020, AT29C257, AT29C256, AT29C257, AT29C512, AT29C010, AT29C010A, AT29C020,
AT29C040, AT29C040A, AT29LV512, AT29LV010, AT29LV010A, AT29LV020, AT29LV020A, AT29LV040,
AT29LV040A, AT49F010, AT49F020, AT49F040, AT49F001, AT49F001N, AT49F001T, AT49F001NT ,
AT49F002, AT49F002N, AT49F002T, AT49F002NT, AT49F002A, AT49F002AN, AT49F002AT, AT49F002ANT,
AT49BV020, AT49BV040, AT49LW040 * 32PLCC, AT49LW080 * 32PLCC, AT49LL020 * 32PLCC, AT49LL040 * 32PLCC,
AT49LL080 * 32PLCC, AT49F010, AT49F020, AT49F040, AT49LV010, AT49LV020, AT49LV040,
AT49BV / LV001, AT49BV / LV002, AT49BV / LV004, AT49LW040 * 32PLCC, AT49LW080 * 32PLCC, AT49LL020 * 32PLCC,
AT49LL040 * 32PLCC, AT49LL080 * 32PLCC,
AC39LV512, AC39LV010, AC39LV020, AC39LV040,
W27E257, W27E512, W27E010, W27E020, W27E040, W27C257, W27C512, W27C010, W27C020,
W27C040, W27F257, W27F512, W27F010, W27F020, W27F040, W28F256, W28F257, W28F512,
W28F010, W28F020, W29EE010, W29EE011, W29EE012, W29C010, W29C020, W29C040, W49F010,
W49F020, W49F040, W49L010, W49L020, W49L040, W49F001, W49F001N, W49F001T, W49F001NT,
W49F002, W49F002N, W49F002T, W49F002NT, W49F002U, W49L001, W49L002, W49V002, W49V004,
W39V040A, W39V040FA, W39V040FB, W39V040B, W39V040C, W39V040FC, W39V080F, W39V080FA,
W39V080FB, W39L512, W39L010, W39L020, W39L040,
____ the EEPROM-the CATALYST
CAT2816, CAT2816A, CAT28C16, CAT2817A, CAT28C17, CAT2864A, CAT28C64, CAT28HC64, CAT28C256,
CAT28F512 / the I , CAT28F512V5 / the I, CAT28F010 / the I, CAT28F010V5 / the I, CAT28F020 / the I,
The DS1220Y, DS1220AB, DS1220AD, DS1225AB, DS1225AD, DS1225D, DS1225DE, The DS1225Y, DS1230Y,
DS1230AB, DS1245Y, DS12449, DS1250Y,
____ the EEPROM-EON
EN29F040 , EN29F040A, EN29F004B, EN29F004T, EN29F001B, EN29F001T, EN29F002B, EN29F002NB,
EN29F002T, EN29F002NT,
____ the EEPROM EXEL-
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64, 28C256,
____ the EEPROM-EMTC
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64, 28F256, 28F512, 28F010 / A,
28F020 / A, 29F010, 29F010A, 29F010B, 29F020, 29F020A, 29F020B, 29F040, 29F040A, 29F040B ,
MBM29LV010, MBM29LV020, MBM29LV040, MBM29F001B, MBM29F001T, MBM29F002B, MBM29F002T,
HY29F010, HY29F010B, HY29F020, HY29F020B, HY29F040, HY29F040B, HY29LV010B, HY29LV020B,
HY29LV040B, HY29F001B, HY29F001BB, HY29F001T, HY29F001BT, HY29F002B, HY29F002BB,
HY29F002T, HY29F002BT, HY29F002NB, HY29F002NT, HY29LV001B, HY29LV001T, HY29LV001BB,
HY29LV001BT, HY29LV002B, HY29LV002BB, HY29LV002T, HY29LV002BT,
____ the EEPROM-the HITACHI
HN58C65, HN58C66, HN58C256A, HN58C1001,
i2816, i2816A, i28C16, i2817A, i28C17, i2864A, i28C64, i28HC64, i28F256A, i28F256,
i28F512, i28F010, i28F020, i28F040, i28F001BX-T, i28F001BX-B, N82802AA * 32PLCC, N82802AB * 32PLCC,
N82802AC * 32PLCC,
____ the EEPROM- ISSI
IS28F010, IS28F020,
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64,
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64, M5M28F101P, M5M28F102P, M5M28C64A,
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64, 28C256,
____ the EEPROM-OKI
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64,
____ the EEPROM-the SAMSUNG
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64,
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64, 28C256 / A, 28C010,
GS28F256, M28F256A, M28F512, M28F101, M28F102, M28F1001, M28F201,
____ the EEPROM-ST
M50FW002 * 32PLCC, M50FW040 * 32PLCC, M50FW080 * 32PLCC, M29F001B, M29F001T, M29F002B,
M29F002T, M29W001B, M29W001T, M29W002B, M29W002T,
SST27SF256, SST27SF512, SST27SF010, SST27SF020, SST27VF010, SST27VF020, SST37VF512,
SST37VF010, SST37VF020, SST37VF040, SST2816, SST2816A, SST28C16 , SST2817A, SST28C17,
SST2864A, SST28C64, SST28HC64, SST28C256 / A, SST28SF040A, SST28VF040A, SST29EE512,
SST29EE010, SST29EE020, SST29EE040, SST29LE512, SST29LE010, SST29LE020, SST29LE040,
SST29VE512, SST29VE010, SST29VE020, SST29VE040, SST29SF512, SST29SF010, SST29SF020,
SST29SF040, SST29VF512, SST29VF010, SST29VF020, SST29VF040, SST39SF512, SST39SF010,
SST39SF020, SST39SF040, SST39LF512, SST39LF010, SST39LF020, SST39LF040, SST39VF512,
SST39VF010, SST39VF020, SST39VF040, M29F001B, M29F001T, M29F002B, M29F002T, M29W001B,
M29W001T, M29W002B, M29W002T, SST49LF002, SST49LF002A, SST49LF003, SST49LF003A, SST49LF004,
SST49LF004A, SST49LF008, SST49LF008A, SST49LF002B, SST49LF003B, SST49LF004B, SST49LF020,
SST49LF020A, SST49LF020 ?, SST49LF030A, SST49LF040, SST49LF040b, SST49LF080A ,
F29C51001T, F29C51001B, F29C51002T, F29C51002B, F29C51004T, F29C51004B, S29C51001T,
S29C51001B, S29C51002T, S29C51002B, S29C51004T, S29C51004B, F29C31001T, F29C31001B,
F29C31002T, F29C31002B, F29C31004T, F29C31004B, S29C31001T, S29C31001B, S29C31002T,
S29C31002B, S29C31004T, S29C31004B,
TMS29F256, TMS29F258, TMS29F259, TMS29F010, TMS29F020, TMS29F040,
TC58257AP, TC58257AP-the LV, TC58F1001P,
____ the EEPROM-of VLSI
2816, 2816A, 28C16, 2817A, 28C17, 2864A, 28C64, 28HC64, 28C256 / A, 29C010,
V29C51001T, V29C51001B, V29C51002T, V29C51002B, V29C51004T, V29C51004B, F29C51001T,
F29C51001B, F29C51002T, F29C51002B, F29C51004T, F29C51004B,
X2816, X2816A, X2816B, X28C16, X28C16A, X28C16B, X2817A, X28C17, X2864A, X28C64,
X28HC64, X28C256, X28HC256, X28TC256, X28VC256, X28C64 * 32PIN, X28HC64 * 32PIN, X28C256 * 32PIN,
X28HC256 * 32PIN, X28TC256 * 32PIN, X28VC256 * 32PIN, X28C010, X28HT010, X28C020, X28HT020,
LST28001, LST28002, LST28004 ,
PM37VF512, PM37VF010, PM37VF020, PM29F002, PM29F004, PM29LV002, PM29LV004, PM39LV512,
PM39LV010, PM39LV020, PM39LV040, PM49FL002, PM49FL004,
____ EEPROM-the PTC
PT28C010, PT28C020,
____ the MPU-AMD
87C51, 87C521, 87C541,
____ the MPU-ATMEL
AT80F51 , AT80F52, AT87F51, AT87F52, AT87F55WD, AT87F51RC, AT89C51, AT89LV51, AT89C52,
AT89LV52, AT89C55, AT89LV55, AT89C55WD, AT89C51RC, AT89S51, AT89LS51, AT89S52, AT89LS52,
AT89C1051, AT89LV1051, AT89C2051, AT89LV2051, AT89C4051, AT89LV4051, AT89S8252, AT89LS8252,
AT89S8252, AT89LS8252, AT89S8253, AT89LS8253, AT89S53, AT89LS53, T89C51RB2, T89C51RC2,
T89C51RD2, AT89C51RB2, AT89C51EB2, AT89C51IB2, AT89C51RC2, AT89C51EC2, AT89C51IC2,
AT89C51RD2, AT89C51ED2, AT89C51ID2, AT89S54, AT89S58, AT89S64, the AT90S1200, of AT90S2313,
AT90S4414, AT90LS4414, the AT90S8515, AT90LS8515, the AT90S4434, of AT90S8535, AT90LS8535, the AT90S4434,
AT90LS4434, AT90S2333, current AT90S4433, ATtiny11 (the Hi), ATtiny12 (the Hi), ATTINY13 (Serial), ATTINY15L (Hi),
ATTINY25(Serial), ATTINY45(Serial), ATTINY45(Serial), ATTINY26(12V), ATTINY26L(12V),
ATMEGA168 * PDIP28, ATmega328 * PDIP28, ATMEGA328V * PDIP28, ATmega48V * PDIP28, ATMEGA88V * PDIP28,
ATMEGA168V * PDIP28, ATMEGA162 * DIP40, ATmega164 * PDIP40, ATmega161, ATMEGA161L, ATmega163,
ATMEGA163L, AT90S2323, AT90LS2323, AT90S2343, AT90LS2343,
____ an MPU-DALLAS
the DS87C520, DS89C420, the DS89C430, the DS89C440, the DS89C450,
____ an MPU-the SST
of SST89C54, SST89C58, SST89F54, SST89F58, SST89E554RC, SST89E564RD, SST89V554RC, SST89V564RD,
SST89E52RD, SST89E54RD, SST89E58RD, SST89E516RD, SST89E52RD2, SST89E54RD2, SST89E58RD2,
SST89E516RD2, SST89V52RD, SST89V54RD, SST89V58RD, SST89V516RD, SST89V52RD2, SST89V54RD2,
SST89V58RD2, SST89V516RD2,
____ an MPU-PDK
PDK10C32, PDK10C64 (60K), PDK10C64 (63k),
____ the STK an MPU-
STK6033BDIG (DIP40-16K), STK6033BSOG (SOP20-16K), STK6031 (DIP40-64K), STK6032 (DIP40-64K),
STK6052 (AS,
MPC89E51A, MPC89E52A, MPC89E53A, MPC89E54A, MPC89E58A, MPC89E515A, MPC89E516A, MPC89L51A,
MPC89L52A, MPC89L53A, MPC89L54A, MPC89L58A, MPC89L516A, MPC82E52AE (DIP20 ), MPC82E52AS (SOP20),
MPC82E52AT (TSSOP20), MPC82L52AE (DIP20), MPC82L52AS (SOP20), MPC82L52AT (TSSOP20), MPC82E54AE (DIP20),
MPC82E54AE2 (the DIP28), MPC82E54AP (PLCC32), MPC82E54AE (SOP20), MPC82E54AS2 (SOP28 ), MPC82E54AS3 (SSOP28),
MPC82E54AT (TSSOP20), MPC82E54AT2 (TSOP28), MPC82L54AE (DIP20), MPC82L54AE2 (the DIP28),
MPC82L54AP (PLCC32), MPC82L54AE (SOP20), MPC82L54AS2 (SOP28), MPC82L54AS3 (SSOP28), MPC82L54AT (TSSOP20),
MPC82L54AT2 (TSOP28),
SM2952, SM2958, SM2964, SM2965, SM8951A, SM8952A, SM8951B, SM8952B, SM8954, SM8958,
SM89516, SM89516C, SM89516L, SM8954A, SM8958A, SM89516A, SSU7301, SM7908, SM79108,
SM89S16R1, SM7964, SM79164, SM5964C, SM5964A , SM5964AL, SM59264, SM59128, SM894051,
SM59D03G2C, SM59D03G2L, SM59D04G2C, SM59D04G2L, SM59R01G1 (DIP40), SM59R02G1 (DIP40),
SM894051, SM59R05A5C (DIP40), SM59R05A5L (DIP40), SM59R_G6C (DIP40), SM59R_G6L (DIP40),
SM59R16A5C (DIP40), SM59R16A5L (DIP40), SM59R05G6 (DIP40), SM59R09G6 (DIP40), SM59R16G6 (DIP40),
SM39R2051 (20pin), SM39R4051 (20pin), SM39R08A2 (16pin), SM39R08A2 (20pin), SM39R08A2 (24pin),
SM39R08A2 (28pin), SM39R12A2 (16pin), SM39R12A2 (20pin), SM39R12A2 (24pin), SM39R12A2 (28pin),
SM39R16A2 (16pin), SM39R16A2 (20pin), SM39R16A2 (24pin), SM39R16A2 (28pin), SM39R05A3 (10pin),
SM39R05A3 (14pin), SM39R05A3 (16pin), SM39R05A3 (20pin), SM39R08A3 (10pin), SM39R08A3 (14pin),
SM39R08A3 (16pin), SM39R08A3 (20pin), SM39R16A3 (10pin), SM39R16A3 (14pin), SM39R16A3 (16pin),
SM39R16A3 (20pin), SM39R02G1 (10pin), SM39R02G1 (14pin), SM39R04G1 (10pin), SM39R04G1 (14pin),
GMS97C51, GMS97C52, GMS97C54, GMS97C58, GMS97C1051, GMS97C2051,
i87C51, i87C52, i87C54, i87C58, i87C51FA, i87C51FB, i87C51FC, i87LC51FA, i87LC51FB,
i87LC51FC, i87C51RA +, i87C51RB +, i87C51RC +, i87C51RD +, i87LC51RA +, i87LC51RB +, i87LC51RC +,
i87LC51RD +,
____ an MPU-the PHILIPS
P87C51, P87C52, P87C54, P87C58, P87C51X2, P87C52X2, P87C54X2, P87C58X2, P87C51FA,
P87C51FB, P87C51FC, P87LC51FA, P87LC51FB, P87LC51FC, P87C51RA + , P87C51RB +, P87C51RC +,
P87C51RD +, P87LC51RA +, P87LC51RB +, P87LC51RC +, P87LC51RD +, of P87C591, P89C51Uxxx, P89C52Uxxx,
P89C54Uxxx, P89C58Uxxx, P89C51Bx, P89C52Bx, P89C54Bx, P89C58Bx, P89C51X2, P89C52X2,
P89C54X2, P89C58X2, P89C51RA +, P89C51RB +, P89C51RC +, P89C51RD +, P89C51RA2Hxx , P89C51RB2Hxx,
P89C51RC2Hxx, P89C51RD2Hxx, P89C51RA2B, P89C51RB2B, P89C51RC2B, P89C51RD2B, P89C51RA2F,
P89C51RB2F, P89C51RC2F, P89C51RD2F, P89C60X2, P89C61X2, P89C660, P89C662, P89C664,
P89C668, P87LPC759, P87LPC760, P87LPC761, P87LPC762, P87LPC764, P87LPC767, P87LPC768,
P87LPC769, The P89LPC901, P89LPC902, P89LPC903, P89LPC906, P89LPC907, P89LPC908, P89LPC9107,
the P89LPC912, P89LPC913, P89LPC914, the P89LPC915, P89LPC916, P89LPC917, the P89LPC920, the P89LPC921 and,
P89LPC922, P89LPC9221, the P89LPC924, the P89LPC925, the P89LPC930, P89LPC931, the P89LPC932, the P89LPC932A1,
the P89LPC933, P89LPC934, P89LPC935, P89LPC936, the P89LPC938, P89V51RB2, P89V51RC2, the P89V51RD2,
P89LV51RB2, P89LV51RC2, the P89LV51RD2,
W78E51, W78E51B, W78LE51, W78E51C, W78E051C, W78LE51C , W78L051C, W78E52, W78E52B,
W78LE52, W78E52C, W78E052C, W78LE52C, W78L052C, W78E54, W78E54B, W78E054C, W78LE54,
W78E54C, W78E054C, W78L054C, W78E58, W78E58B, W78E058, W78E058B, W78LE58, W78E516B,
W78LE516, W78E51D, W78E52D, W78E54D, W78E051D, W78E052D, W78E054D, W78E58D, W78E516D,
W78E058D, W78E0516D, W78ERD2, W78IRD2, W78E62, W78E65, W78L065, the W78E65, W78LE365,
W78E858, W77E54, W77E58, W77LE58, W77E516, W77LE516, W77E532, W79E532, W79E632, the W79E201,
W79E802ADG (DIP20), W79E802ASG (SOP20), W79E803ADG (DIP20), W79E803ASG (SOP20), W79E804ADG (DIP20),
W79E804ASG (SOP20), W79E821A (20PIN), W79E822A (20PIN), W79E823A (20PIN), W79E824A (20PIN),
W79E825A (20PIN), W79E2051 (20PIN), The W79E4051 (20PIN), W79E2051-DU (20PIN), The W79E4051-DU (
20PIN ), W79E2051-SU(20PIN), W79E4051-SU(20PIN), W79E8213(DIP20ICP), N79E352(ICP), N78E366(DIP40),
N79E815AS28, N79E815AT28, N79E814AS28, N79E814AT28, N79E815AS20, N79E815AT20, N79E814AS20,
N79E814AT20, N79E8132AS16,
PIC12C508, the PIC12C508A, PIC12C508B, PIC12C509, PIC12C509A, PIC12C509B, PIC12C518,
PIC12C519, the PIC12F508, the PIC12F509, The PIC12F510, PIC12C671, PIC12C672, PIC12CE673, PIC12CE674 ,
The PIC12F508, PIC12F509, The PIC12F510, the PIC12F629, PIC12F675, PIC12F635-8PIN, PIC12F683-8PIN,
PIC16F636-8PIN, PIC16F639-8PIN, PIC16F684-8PIN, PIC16F685-8PIN, PIC16F687-8PIN, PIC16F688-8PIN,
PIC16F689-8PIN, PIC16F690-8PIN , PIC16F636-14PIN, PIC16F684-14PIN, PIC16F688-14PIN,
PIC16F639-20PIN, PIC16F685-20PIN, PIC16F687-20PIN, PIC16F689-20PIN, PIC16F690-20PIN,
PIC16F677-20PIN, PIC12F1822-8PIN, PIC16F1823-14PIN, PIC16F1824-14PIN, PIC16F1825-14PIN,
PIC16F1826-18PIN, PIC16F1827-18PIN, PIC16F1828-20PIN, PIC16F1829-20PIN, PIC12LF1822-8PIN,
PIC16LF1823-14PIN, PIC16LF1824-14PIN, PIC16LF1825- 14PIN, PIC16LF1826-18PIN, PIC16LF1827-18PIN,
PIC16LF1828-20PIN, PIC16LF1829-20PIN, PIC16F1933 (28PIN), PIC16F1936 (28PIN), PIC16F1938 (28PIN),
PIC16LF1933 (28PIN), PIC16LF1936 (28PIN), PIC16LF1938 (28PIN), PIC16LF1902 ( 28PIN), PIC16LF1903 (28PIN),
PIC16LF1904 (28PIN), PIC16F1934 (40PIN), PIC16F1937 (40PIN), PIC16F1939 (40PIN), PIC16LF1934 (40PIN),
PIC16LF1937 (40PIN), PIC16LF1939 (40PIN), PIC12F609 (8PIN), PIC12F615 ( 8PIN), PIC12F617 (8PIN),
PIC16F610 (14PIN), PIC16F616 (14PIN), PIC12HV609 (8PIN), PIC12HV615 (8PIN), PIC12HV617 (8PIN),
PIC16HV610 (14PIN), PIC16HV616 (14PIN), PIC16F505, the PIC16F506, the PIC12F508-new new, the PIC12F509-new new,
The PIC12F510-new new, the PIC16F54, the PIC16F57, the PIC16F630, The PIC16F676, PIC16C505, the PIC16C54, PIC16HV540,
the PIC16C54-the LP, the PIC16C54-XT, PIC16C54- RC, PIC16C54-HS, PIC16C54A, PIC16C54B, PIC16C54C,
CF745, PIC16C55, PIC16C55-LP, PIC16C55-XT, RC-PIC16C55, PIC16C55-HS, PIC16C55A, PIC16C55B,
PIC16C55C, PIC16C56, PIC16C56-LP, PIC16C56-XT, PIC16C56- RC, PIC16C56-HS, PIC16C56A,
PIC16C56B, PIC16C56C, PIC16C57, PIC16C57-LP, PIC16C57-XT, RC-PIC16C57, PIC16C57-HS,
PIC16C57A, PIC16C57B, PIC16C57C, CF775, PIC16C58, PIC16C58-LP, PIC16C58-XT, PIC16C58- RC,
PIC16C58-HS, ​​PIC16C58A, PIC16C58B, PIC16C58C, PIC16C64, PIC16C64A, PIC16C64B, PIC16C65,
PIC16C774, PIC16C65A, PIC16C65B, the PIC16C74, the PIC16C74A, PIC16C74B, the PIC16C71, PIC16C71A,
PIC16C71B, the PIC16C711, PIC16C712, PIC16C61, the PIC16C710, PIC16C620, PIC16C621, PIC16C622,
PIC16C715 (18Pin), the PIC16C716, PIC16C62, the 16C62A, PIC16C62B, PIC16C63, PIC16C63A,
PIC16C63B , PIC16C73, PIC16C73A, PIC16C73B, PIC16C773, PIC16C66, PIC16C67, PIC16C72,
PIC16C72A, PIC16C72B, PIC16C76, PIC16C76A, PIC16C76B, PIC16C77, PIC16C77A, PIC16C77B,
PIC16C641, PIC16C642, PIC16C661, PIC16C662, PIC16C554, PIC16C556, PIC16C558, PIC16C717,
PIC16F627, PIC16F628 , PIC16LF627, PIC16LF628, PIC16F627A, PIC16F628A, PIC16F648A,
PIC16LF627A, PIC16LF628A, PIC16LF648A, PIC16F716, PIC16F72, PIC16F73, PIC16F74, PIC16F76,
PIC16F77, the PIC16F737, PIC16F747, PIC16F767, PIC16F777, PIC16F83, PIC16CR83, PIC16C84,
PIC16CR84, PIC16F84, PIC16F84A, PIC16F870, PIC16F871, PIC16F872, PIC16F873, PIC16F874,
PIC16F876, PIC16F877, PIC16F873A, PIC16F874A, PIC16F876A, PIC16F877A, PIC16F818,
PIC16F819, PIC16F882, PIC16F883, the PIC16F886, PIC16F884, the PIC16F887, the PIC16F913, PIC16F916,
the PIC16F914, the PIC16F917, the PIC16F722, the PIC16F723, the PIC16F726, PIC16F724, PIC16F727, PIC16LF722,
PIC16LF723, PIC16LF726, PIC16LF724, PIC16LF727,
____ an MPU-MICON
MDT10P62, MDT10P72, MDT10P721, MDT10P73, MDT10P64, MDT10P74 , MDT10P651, MDT10P651-C,
MDT10P55A1/A3, MDT10P55A2/A4, MDT10P55B1/B3, MDT10P55B2/B4, MDT10P56A1/A3, MDT10P56A2/A4,
MDT10P57A1 / A3, MDT10P57A2 / A4, MDT10P41A1, MDT10P41A2, MDT10P43, MDT10P53A1 / A3, MDT10P53A2 / A4,
MDT10P21A1P, MDT10P21A1S, MDT10P21A2K, MDT10P21A3S, MDT10P22A1P, MDT10P22A1S, MDT10P22A2K,
MDT10P22A3S, MDT2005, MDT2005E, MDT 2010, MDT2010E, MDT2015, MDT2020, MDT2020B, MDT2030,
MDT10P05, MDT10P20, MDT2051,
____ an MPU-the ELAN
the EM78P153S, EM78P156E, EM78P256E, EM78P456E, EM78P247SA, EM78P247SB, EM78P447SA, EM78P447SB,
V87C54, V87C58,
CR80P100, CR80P200,
____ an MPU-Toptek
T81P54, T80P54, T80P57, T80P65, T52,
IS89C51A, IS89C52A, IS89LV51A, IS89LV52A,
TP2804H, TP2804L, TP2808H, TP2808L, H5813 (DIP20), H5813 (SOP20), H5815 (DIP20), H5815 (SOP),
____MPU-STC STC10F02 (40pin), STC10F04 (40pin), STC10F06 (40pin), STC10F08 (
40pin) , STC10F10 (40pin),
STC10F12 (40pin), STC10L02 (40pin), STC10L04 (40pin), STC10L06 (
40pin), STC10L08 (40pin), STC10L10 (40pin), STC10L12 (40pin), STC11F01 (20pin), STC11F02 (20pin) , STC11F03 (20pin),
STC11F04 (20pin), STC11F05 (20pin), STC11L01 (20pin), STC11L02 (20pin), STC11L03 (20pin),
STC11L04 (20pin), STC11L05 (20pin), STC11F08 (40PIN), STC11F16 (40PIN) , STC11F20 (40pin),
STC11F32 (40pin), STC11F40 (40pin), STC11F48 (40pin), STC11F52 (
40pin), STC11F56 (40pin), STC11F60 (40pin), STC11L08 (40pin), STC11L16 (40pin), STC11L20 (40pin) , STC11L32 (40pin),
STC11L40 (40PIN), STC11L48 (40PIN), STC11L52 (40PIN), STC11L56 (40PIN), STC11L60 (40PIN),
STC12C5A08 (40PIN), STC12C5A16 (40PIN), STC12C5A32 (40PIN), STC12C5A40 (40PIN), STC12C5A48 (40PIN),
STC12C5A52 (40pin), STC12C5A56 (40pin), STC12C5A60 (40pin), STC12LE5A08 (40pin),
STC12LE5A16 (40pin), STC12LE5A32 (40pin), STC12LE5A40 (40pin), STC12LE5A48 (40pin), STC12LE5A52 (40pin), STC12LE5A56 (40pin),
STC12LE5A60 (40PIN), STC12C5201 (20Pin), STC12C5202 (20Pin), STC12C5203 (20Pin), STC12C5204 (20Pin),
STC12C5205 (20Pin), STC12C5206 (20Pin), STC12CLE201 (20Pin), STC12LE5202 (20Pin), STC12LE5203 (20Pin),
STC12LE5204(20Pin), STC12LE5205(20Pin), STC12LE5206(20Pin), STC12C5401(20Pin), STC12C5402(20Pin), STC12C5404(20Pin), STC12C5406(20Pin), STC12C5408(20Pin), STC12C5410(20Pin), STC12C5412
STC12LE01(20Pin), STC12LE02(20Pin), STC12LE04(20Pin), STC12LE06(20Pin), STC12LE08(20Pin),
STC12LE10(20Pin), STC12LE12(20Pin), STC12C5601(20pin), STC12C5602(20pin), STC12C5603(20pin),
STC12C5604 (20pin), STC12C5605 (20pin), STC12C5606 (20pin), STC12C5608 (20pin), STC12C5612 (20pin),
STC12C5616 (20pin), STC12C5620 (20pin), STC12C5624 (20pin), STC12C5628 (20pin), STC12C5630 (20pin),
STC12LE01 (20pin), STC12LE02 (20pin), STC12LE03 (20pin), STC12LE04 (20pin), STC12LE05 (20pin),
STC12LE06 (20pin), STC12LE08 (20pin), STC12LE12 (20pin), STC12LE16 (20pin), STC12LE20 (20pin),
STC12LE24 (20pin), STC12LE28 (20pin), STC12LE30 (20pin), STC12C1052AD (20pin), STC12C2052AD (20pin),
STC12C3052AD (20pin), STC12C4052AD (20pin), STC12C5052AD (20pin), STC12LE1052AD (20pin),
STC12LE2052AD (20pin), STC12LE3052AD (20pin), STC12LE4052AD (20pin), STC12LE5052AD (20pin),
STC12C1052 (20pin), STC12C2052 (20pin), STC12C3052 (20pin), STC12C4052 (20pin), STC12C5052 (20pin),
STC12LE1052 (20pin), STC12LE2052 (20pin), STC12LE3052 (20pin), STC12LE4052 (20pin), STC12LE5052 (20pin),
STC89C51RC (40pin), STC89C52RC (40pin), STC89C53RC (40pin), STC89C54RD+ (40pin), STC89C55RD+ (40pin),
STC89C58RD+ (40pin), STC89C516RD+(40pin), STC89LE51RC(40pin), STC89LE52RC(40pin),
STC89LE53RC(40pin), STC89LE54RD+(40pin), STC89LE55RD+(40pin), STC89LE58RD+(40pin),
STC89LE516RD+(40pin), STC90C51RC(40pin), STC90C52RC(40pin), STC90C53RC (40pin), STC90C06RC (40pin),
STC90C07RC (40pin), STC90C10RC (40pin), STC90C12RC (40pin), STC90C51RD+ (40pin), STC90C52RD+ (40pin),
STC90C54RD + (40PIN), STC90C55RD + (40PIN), STC90C58RD + (40PIN), STC90C510RD + (40PIN),
STC90C512RD + (40PIN), STC90C513RD + (40PIN), STC90C514RD + (40PIN), STC90C516RD + (40PIN),
STC90LE51RC (40PIN), STC90LE52RC (40PIN), STC90LE53RC (40PIN), STC90LE06RC (40PIN), STC90LE07RC (40PIN),
STC90LE10RC (40PIN), STC90LE12RC (40PIN), STC90LE51RD + (40PIN), STC90LE52RD + (40PIN),
STC90LE54RD + (40PIN), STC90LE55RD + (40PIN), STC90LE58RD + (40PIN), STC90LE510RD + (40PIN),
STC90LE512RD + (40PIN), STC90LE513RD + (40PIN), STC90LE514RD + (40PIN), STC90LE516RD + (40PIN),
____ an MPU-sinowealth
SH89F52D, SH88F54D, SH88F516D, SH88F2051, SH88F4051,
____ an MPU-Future
____ Serial - ???
93C46 (128x8) , 93C56 (256x8), 93C66 (512x8), 93C57 (256x8), 93C86 (2kx8), 93C76 (1Kx8),
93C46 (64x16), 93C56 (128x16), 93C66 (236x16), 93C76 (512x16), 93C86 (1Kx16), 24C01A (128x8),
24LC01A (128x8), 24C02 (256x8), 24LC02 (256x8), 24C04 (512x8), 24LC04 (512x8), 24C08 (1KX8),
24LC08 (1KX8), 24C16 (2KX8), 24LC16 (2KX8), 24C32 (4KX8), 24LC32 (4KX8), 24C64 (8KX8),
24LC64 (8KX8), 24C128 (16KX8), 24LC128 (16KX8), 24C256 (32Kx8), 24LC256 (32Kx8), 24C512 (64KX8),
24LC512 (64KX8),
____ Serial-AKM
AK93C46 (128x8), AK93C56 (256x8), AK93C66 (512x8), AK6420AF (128x16, AK6440AF (256x16 ,
AK6480AF (512x16, AK6480CF (512x16, AK6420B (128x16), AK6440B (256x16), AK6480B (512x16),
AK6420AM (128x16), AK6440AM (256x16), AK6480AM (512x16), AK6480CL (512x16), AK6481CH (512x16),
AK6481CM (512x16), AK6416A, AK6416AM (1024x16), AK6416CM (1024x16), AK6416CH (1024x16),
AK93C46 (64x16), AK93C56 (128x16), AK93C66 (236x16), AK93C86 (2kx8), AK93C86 (1Kx16),
CAT64LC20W (128x16), CAT64LC20J (128x16), CAT64LC40W (256x16), CAT64LC40J (256x16), CAT64LC80W ( 512x16),
CAT64LC80J (512x16), CAT64LC20 (P/L/S/V/U/Y), CAT64LC40 (P/L/S/V/U/Y), CAT64LC80 (P/L/S/V/U/ the Y),
____ Serial-ATMEL
AT24C01, AT24LC01, the AT24C02, AT24LC02, AT24C02A, AT24LC02A, AT24C04, AT24LC04, AT24C04A,
AT24CL04A, the AT24C08, AT24LC08, AT24C08A, AT24LC08A, AT24RF08C, AT24C16, AT24LC16,
AT24C16A, AT24LC16A, AT24C32, AT24LC32, the AT24C64, AT24LC64, AT24C128, AT24LC128, AT24C256,
AT24LC256, AT24C512, AT24LC512, AT93C46 (128x8), AT93C56 (256x8), AT93C66 (512x8), AT93C86 (2kx8),
AT93C46 (64x16), AT93C56 (128x16), AT93C66 (236x16), AT93C86 (the same 1Kx16), AT25010, AT25020,
AT25040, AT25080, AT25160, AT25320, AT25640, AT25128, AT25256, AT25010A, AT25020A,
AT25040A, AT25080A, AT25160A, AT25320A, AT25640A, AT25128A, AT25256A, AT25F512, AT25F1024,
AT25F1024A, AT25F2048, AT25F4096, AT25DF021, AT25DF041, the AT25DF081, AT25DF161, AT26DF021,
AT26DF041, AT26DF081, AT26DF161,
____ Serial-AT_FUTR
45DB161D (SO_8P),
____ Serial-ACTRANS
AC25512, AC25LC512, AC25LV512, AC25010 , AC25LC010, AC25LV010,
A25L10P (8PIN), A25L20P (8PIN), A25L40P (8PIN), A25L80P (8PIN),
AF24BC01, AF24BC02, AF24BC04, AF24BC08, AF24BC16, AF24BC32, AF24BC64, AF24BC128,
AF24BC256, AF93BC46 (128x8), AF93BC56 (256x8), AF93BC66 (512x8), AF93BC86 (2kx8), AF93BC46 (64x16),
AF93BC56 (128x16), AF93BC66 (236x16), AF93BC86 (the same 1Kx16),
____ Serial-MXIC
MX25L512 (8PIN), MX25L10xx (8PIN), MX25L20xx (8PIN), MX25L40xx (8PIN), MX25L80xx (8PIN),
Mx25L16xx (8PIN), MX25L32xx (8PIN),
EN25T10 (8PIN), EN25T20 (8PIN), EN25T40 (8PIN), EN25T80 ( 8PIN), EN25T80 (8PIN), EN25T16 (8PIN),
EN25F10 (8PIN), EN25F20 (8PIN), EN25F40 (8PIN), EN25F80 (8PIN), EN25F80 (8PIN), EN25F16 (8PIN),
____ Serial-HIGHER
FM93C46 (128x8) , FM93C56 (256x8), FM93C66 (512x8), FM24C02A (256x8), FM24C02B (256x8),
FM24C02C (256x8), FM24C04A (512x8), FM24C04B (512x8), FM24C08A (1KX8), FM24C08B (1KX8),
FM24C16A (2KX8), FM24C16B (2KX8), The FM24C32A (4KX8), FM24C32B (4KX8), FM24C64A (8Kx8), FM24C64B (8Kx8),
FM24C128A (16KX8), FM24C128A (16KX8), FM24C256A (32Kx8), FM24C256B (32Kx8), FM24C512A (64KX8),
FM24C512B (64KX8),
M25P10-V (8PIN), M25P20-V (8PIN), M25P40-V (8PIN), M25P80-V (8PIN), M25P128-V(8PIN),
____Serial- WINBOND
W25P10L (8PIN), W25P20L (8PIN), W25P40L (8PIN), W25P80L (8PIN), W25X10L (8PIN), W25X20L (8PIN),
W25X40L (8PIN), W25X80L (8PIN), W25X16V / L (8PIN), W25X32V / L (8PIN), W25X64V / L (8PIN),
W25Q16 (8PIN), W25Q32 (8PIN), W25Q64 (8PIN), W25Q128 (8PIN),
____ Serial-the PMC
PM25LV512 (8PIN), Pm25LV010 (8PIN), PM25LV020 (8PIN), PM25LV040 (8PIN), PM25LV080 (8PIN),
ES25P10 (8PIN), ES25P20 (8PIN), ES25P40 (8PIN), ES25P80 (8PIN),
____ Serial-of SPANSION
S25FL001 (8PIN), S25FL002 (8PIN), S25FL004 (8PIN), S25FL008 (8PIN),
____ Serial-the SST
SST25LF512 (8PIN) , SST25LF010 (8PIN), SST25LF020 (8PIN), SST25LF040 (8PIN), SST25LF512A (8PIN),
SST25LF010A (8PIN), SST25LF020A (8PIN), SST25LF040A (8PIN), SST25VF512 (8PIN), SST25VF010 (8PIN),
SST25VF020 (8PIN) , SST25VF040(8PIN), SST25VF512A(8PIN), SST25VF010A(8PIN), SST25VF020A(8PIN),
SST25VF040A(8PIN), SST25VF040B(8PIN), SST25VF080B(8PIN), SST25VF016B(8PIN), SST25VF032B(8PIN),
CAT24C01 , CAT24C02, CAT24C02A, CAT24C02AI, CAT24C02I, CAT24C04, CAT24C04I, CAT24C08,
CAT24C08I, CAT24C16, CAT24C16I, CAT24LC01, CAT24LC02, CAT24LC02A, CAT24LC02AI, CAT24LC02I,
CAT24LC04, CAT24LC04I, CAT24LC08, CAT24LC08I, CAT24LC16, CAT24LC16I, CAT24WC02, CAT24WC04,
CAT24WC08, CAT24WC16, 93C46 (128x8), 93C46A (128x8), 93C46H (128x8), 93C46I (128x8),
93C46 (64x16), 93C56 (128x16), 93C66 (236x16),
____ Serial-EXEL
XL93C46 (128x8), XL93C56 (128x8), XL93C66 (128x8), XL93CS46, X93C46 (64x16), X93C56 (128x16),
X93C66 (236x16), X93C86 (2kx8), X93C86 (the same 1Kx16),
____ Serial-FAIRCHILD
The FM24C02, FM24C02W, FM24C03, The FM24C04, FM24C04W, The FM24C08, FM24C08W, the FM24C16, FM24C16W,
FM93C46 (128x8), FM93C56 (128x8), FM93C66 (128x8), FM93C46 (64x16), FM93C56 (128x16),
FM93C66 (236x16) ,
____ the HYUNDAI Serial-
HY24C02, HY24C02W, HY24C04, HY24C04W, HY24C08, HY24C08W, HY24C16, HY24C16W, HY93C46 (128x8),
HY93C46 (256x8), HY93C46 (64x16), HY93C56 (128x16), HY93C66 (236x16),
____ Serial-the ICT
24C02, 24C02W, 24C04, 24C04W, 24C08, 24C08W, 24C16, 24C16W, 93C46, 93C46A (128x8),
93CX46 (128x8) , 93C56, 93CX56 (256x8), 93C66, 93CX66 (512x8), 93C46, 93C56, 93C66,
____ Serial-Giantec
GT24C02 (256x8), GT24C04, GT24C08, GT24C16, GT24C32, GT24C64, GT24C128, GT24C256,
____ Serial-ISSI
24C02 (256x8) , 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24C32, 24C64, 24C128, 24C256, 93C46 / -3, 93C56 / -3,
93C66, 93C46, 93C56, 93C66,
____ THE MICROCHIP Serial-
24C01A, 24C02A, 24C04A, 24C04, 24C08, 24C16, 24C32, 24C64, 24C65, 24C128, 24C256,
24C512, 24LC01, 24LC02, 24LC04, 24LC04, 24LC08, 24LC16, 24LC32, 24LC64, 24LC65, 24LC128,
24LC256, 24LC512, 93C46 (128x8), 93C56 (256x8), 93LC56, 93C66, 93 LC66 (512x8), 93C86,
93C46 (128x8), 93C46, 93C56, 93C66, 93C86, 93C46A, 93C46B, 93C46C, 93C46C, 93C56A,
93C56B, 93C56C, 93C56C, 93C66A, 93C66B, 93C66C, 93C66C, 93C86A, 93C86B, 93C86C, 93C86C,
93LC46A, 93LC46B, 93LC46C, 93LC46C, 93LC56A, 93LC56B, 93LC56C, 93LC56C, 93LC66A,
93LC66B, a 93LC66C,, a 93LC66C,, 93LC86A, 93LC86B, 93LC86C, 93LC86C, 93AA46A, 93AA46B,
93AA46C, 93AA46C, 93AA56A, 93AA56B (128x16), 93AA56C, 93AA56C, 93AA66A, 93AA66B, 93AA66C,
93AA66C, 93AA86A, 93AA86B, 93AA86C, 93AA86C, 25C040, 25C080, 25C160, 25C320, 25LC040,
25LC080, 25LC160 , 25LC320, 25LC640, 25AA040, 25AA080, 25AA160, 25AA320, 25AA640,
24C02, 24C02L, 24C04, 24C04L, 24C08, 24C16, NMC9346 (128x8), NMC93C46 (128x8), NMC93CS46 (128x8),
NMC93C56 (256x8), NMC93CS56, NMC93C66, NMC93CS66, NM93C46 (64x16), NM93C56 (128x16),
NM93C66 ( 236x16), NM59C11, NM24C02/L, NM24C04/L, NM24C08, NM24C16,
BR24C01A(128x8), BR24C02(256x8), BR24C04(512x8), BR24C08(1Kx8), BR24C16(2KX8), BR24C32(4KX8),
BR24C64 (8KX8), BR93C46 (128x8), BR93C56 (256x8), BR93C66 (512x8), BR93C46 (64x16), BR93C56 (128x16),
BR93C66 (256x16), BR93LC46 (128x8), BR93LC56 (256x8), BR93LC66 (512x8), BR93LC46 (64x16),
BR93LC56 (128x16), BR93LC66 (256x16), BR9010AF, BR9020AF, BR9040AF, BR9080AF, BR9080CF,
BR9010B (128x16), BR9020B (128x16), BR9040B (256x16), BR9080B (512x16), BR9020AM (128x16),
BR9040AM(256x16), BR9080AM(512x16), BR9080CL(512x16), BR9016A(1024x16), BR9016AM(1024x16),
BR9016CM(1024x16), BR9016CH(1024x16),
KM24C02, KM24C04, KM24C08, KM24C16, KM93C46(128x8) , KM93C46V (128x8), KM93C56 (256x8),
KM93CS56 (256x8), KM93C57 (256x8), KM93C66 (512x8), KM93CS66 (512x8), KM93C67 (512x8),
____ Serial-ST
24C01, 24C02A, ST24C04, ST24C08, ST24C16, M93C46A (128x8), M93C56 (256x8), M93C66 (512x8),
M93C57 (128x16), M93C76 (512x16), M93C86 (2k, MST93C46 (64x16), M93C56 (128x16), M93C66 (256x16),
M93C76 (512x16), M93C86 ( 1k, M93S46, M93S46-W, M93S46-R, M93S56, M93S56-W, M93S56-R,
M93S66, M93S66-W, M93S66-R, M95160, M95320, M95640,
ST24C01, ST24C02A, ST24C04, ST24C08, ST24C16, ST93C46A (128x8), ST93C56 (256x8), ST93C66 (512x8),
ST93C46 (64x16), ST93C56 (128x16), ST93C66 (256x16), ST93C57 (128x16), ST93C86 (2kx8),
ST93C86 (the same 1Kx16),
____ Serial-XICOR
X24C00, X24C01, X24C01I, X24C01A, X2402, X2402I, X24C02, X24C02I, X2404, X2404I,
X24C04, X24C04I, X24C16, X24C16I, X25043 (8pin), X25045 (8pin), of X5043 (8pin) , of X5045 (8pin),
of X5043 (14pin), of X5045 (14pin), X5163 (8pin), X5165 (8pin), X5643 (8pin), X5645 (8pin), X25043 (8pin),
X25010, X25020, X25040, X25080, X25160 , X25320, X25640, X25650, X93C46 (64x16), X93C56 (128x16),
X93C66 (236x16), X93C86 (2kx8), X93C86 (1Kx16), X25043 (8pin), X25045 (8pin), X5043 (8pin),
X5045 (8pin) ), X5043 (14pin), X5045 (14pin),
PM25010, PM25020, PM25040, PM25080,
____ Serial-the PHILIPS
PCF8570, PCF8570C, PCF8571, PCF8572, PCF8581, PCF8582, than one PCF8594, PCF8598, PCF85102,
____ Serial-YMC
Y24LC02A, Y54LC64, Y93LC46A (64x16), Y93LC46A (256x16), Y93LC46A ( 128x8), Y93LC66A (512x8),
____ Serial-YMC
Y24LC02A, Y54LC64, Y93LC46A, Y93LC46A, Y93LC46A, Y93LC66A,
____ Serial-the MITSUBISHI
M6M80011P (8PIN), M6M80011FP (10PIN), M6M80021P (8PIN), M6M80021FP (10PIN), M6M80041P (8PIN) ,
M6M80041FP (10PIN), S29255A (SOP8), S29255A (DIP8), S29355A (SOP8), S29355A (DIP8),
PALCE16V8H-10/4, PALCE16V8H-15, PALCE16V8H-15/4, PALCE16V8H-25, PALCE16V8H -25/4,
PALCE16V8H-5/5, PALCE16V8H-7/5, PALCE16V8Q-10/4, PALCE16V8Q-15, PALCE16V8Q-15/4,
PALCE16V8Q-25, PALCE16V8Z-15/5, PALCE16V8Z-25/4, PALCE20V8H-10, PALCE20V8H-15, PALCE20V8H-15/4,
PALCE20V8H-25, PALCE20V8Q-10, PALCE20V8Q-15, PALCE20V8Q-15/4, PALCE20V8Q- 25, PALCE22V10H-25,
PALCE22V10H-15, PALCE22V10H-10, PALCE22V10H-. 7, PALCE22V10Q-25, PALCE22V10Q-15, PALCE22V10Q-10,
PALCE22V10Q-. 7,
____ the PLD-ATMEL
ATF20V8, ATF20V8B, ATF20V8BL, ATF20V8BQL, ATF22V10, ATF22V10L, ATF22V10B / L, ATF22V10C,
____ the PLD-LATTICE and
GAL16V8, GAL16V8A, GAL16V8B, GAL16V8C, GAL16V8D, GAL20V8, GAL20V8A, GAL20V8B, GAL22V10,
GAL22V10A, GAL22V10B, GAL22V10C, GAL22V10D, PALCE16V8H-10/4, PALCE16V8H-15, PALCE16V8H-15/4,
25-PALCE16V8H, PALCE16V8H-25 /. 4,. 5-PALCE16V8H /. 5,-PALCE16V8H. 7 /. 5, PALCE16V8Q-10 /. 4,
PALCE16V8Q-15, 15-PALCE16V8Q /. 4, PALCE16V8Q-25, 15-PALCE16V8Z /. 5, PALCE16V8Z- 25/4,
PALCE20V8H-10, PALCE20V8H-15, PALCE20V8H-15/4, PALCE20V8H-25, PALCE20V8Q-10, PALCE20V8Q-15,
PALCE20V8Q-15/4, PALCE20V8Q-25,
GAL16V8, GAL16V8A, GAL20V8, GAL20V8A , GAL20V8, GAL22V10,
____ the PLD-SGS / the THOMSON
GAL16V8, GAL16V8A, GAL16V8AS, GAL16V8S, GAL20V8, GAL20V8A, GAL20V8AS, GAL20V8S, GAL22V10,
____ the PLD-of VLSI
VP16V8, VP20V8,
____ the RAM-STAND
6116 to, 6264, 62256, 62512, 628128, 628 256, 628512, 2464, 24256, 24512, 24010,
24020, 24040,
W2465, W24128, W24257A, W24257AC, W24M257, W24512A, W24M512, W24M512A, W24M1024,
W24010, W24020, W24040,
____ the RAM-INTEL
6116 to, 6264, 62256, 62512, 628128, 628 256, 628 512,
____ the RAM-DALLAS
The DS1220Y, DS1220AB, DS1220AD, DS1225AB, DS1225AD, DS1225D, DS1225DE, The DS1225Y, DS1230Y,
DS1230AB, DS1245Y, DS12449, DS1250Y,
____ BDTIC the RAM-
HK1225, HK1235, HK1245, HK1265, HK1255,
____ the TEST-Standard
74xxx, 40xxx, 45xxx,



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