IR3550M: 60A Integrated PowIRstage

IR3550M: 60A Integrated PowIRstage

IR3550M: 60A Integrated PowIRstage

Số Lượng: 20

Giá lẻ: 30.000 đ

IR3550M 3550M IOR3550M I0R3550M: 60A Integrated PowIRstage

IR3550 Datasheet dowload tại đây IR3550 Datasheet


 Peak efficiency up to 95% at 1.2V

 Integrated driver, control MOSFET, synchronous MOSFET and Schottky diode

 Input voltage (VIN) operating range up to 15V

 Output voltage range from 0.25V to Vcc-2.5V, or to 5.5V if internal current sense amplifier is not used

 Output current capability of 60A DC

 Operation up to 1.0MHz

 Integrated current sense amplifier

 VCC under voltage lockout

 Thermal flag

 Body-Braking® load transient support

 Diode-emulation high efficiency mode

 Compatible with 3.3V PWM logic and VCC tolerant

 Compliant with Intel DrMOS V4.0

 PCB footprint compatible with IR3551 and IR3553

 Efficient dual sided cooling

 Small 6mm x 6mm x 0.9mm PQFN package

 Lead free RoHS compliant package

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IR3550M: 60A Integrated PowIRstage

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